Hello WordCamp Europe 2024

Hey lovely WordPress People 👋

It’s only a few days left until WordCamp Europe 2024 is about to happen in Torino, Italy.

We’ll be traveling through Italy with the family for some combined vacation/work trip starting next week and will be in Torino from the 11th through to the 17th of June.

I would love to meet some new faces and old friends and thought I write this little post here to introduce myself, like many others have done before me1!

So, read on and let’s get to know ourselves, shall we? This is me:

What do you do with WordPress, Claudio?

Glad you asked. I’m a designer & founder from Switzerland who runs a small WP agency – Haptiq Studio – with my friend Florian. We serve clients big and small from Switzerland, Germany and abroad and love to build custom sites, shops and integrations, pushing the limits of what’s possible with WordPress (well, sometimes, at least). If you are an agency owner yourself, especially of a small to medium one, I’d love to share experiences.

We also run a small plugin shop where we develop picu – the best photo proofing plugin for professional photographers. With over 2000+ active installs it isn’t a failure, but still not as successful as it could and should be and I want to change that. Which is why I’m also very much interested in meeting anyone who has something to say about product marketing or even find some sort of mastermind group with likeminded founders to join!

I helped organizing many events and meetups in Switzerland, most notably WordCamp Switzerland (2014, 2015) and Zurich (2019), the WP Zurich Meetup group as well as the first do_action Event in Switzerland. This year I also helped out a little bit in the design team for WordCamp Europe for the first time. I love to talk to anyone who’s involved in (or wants to be) organizing events.

What do you do besides work?

  • I live in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland with my partner of almost half my life (marriage still-in-process, though)
  • We’ve got two kids (3 and 5) who keep us pretty busy
  • I’m passionate about photography and try to get into the habit of doing it more regularly with my photo blog
  • I cycle everywhere, all-year, all-weather. Don’t even have a driver’s license.

Any other weird hobbies or topics you could talk about for hours?

  • I love to cook and started baking sourdough bread a few years ago, which became a passionate hobby
  • Right now I’m also experimenting with some Koji mold spores in the kitchen, to see if I can ferment my own Miso paste without poisoning myself (fingers crossed)
  • I like magic tricks. Unfortunately, I can’t really perform any, but if you do, please find me and show it to me!
  • I love to go to music festivals deep in the woods or up in the mountains. Psytrance is my sweet spot.
  • I’m sure there’s more, but enough about me now…

So, should we meet, then?

  • Sure thing. If you’re this far and still reading, we probably should!
  • I’m especially looking to meet anyone working on WP products and especially if you have something to say about the marketing side of things
  • Also, I would absolutely love to find some sort of a mastermind group of likeminded product founders to join! If you are in one, would like to start one or can introduce me to the right group, please let me know.
  • But even if none of the above applies to you, please feel free to send a message and/or say Hi!

You will reach me before, during or after the WordCamp via Mastodon, Email or on twitter. Heck, I even check facebook and LinkedIn from time to time.

Are you coming as well? Let me know!

See you in Torino! ❤️

  1. Thanks Daniel, Rhys, Nuno, Jeremy and Florian for the inspiration ↩︎

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