WordCamp Switzerland 2023

We spent last Thursday to Sunday in Murten/Morat for WordCamp Switzerland 2023. It was the first one I attended since WordCamp Zurich 2019 and it was great to meet in person again. After three years of pandemic, it still feels strange to be in a closed room with that many people, but I guess it’s about time to train those “social muscles” again.

Apart from the main event on Saturday, we were also signed up for contributors day on Thursday. As we haven’t seen each other in person for about 1.5 years, we ended up mostly working on some of our own stuff together. But still, I learned how to commit to WP core using Github (which I always thought was more complicated) and got one of my photos of Castle Morat into the WP Photo directory during contributor day.

The location in Murten/Morat was chosen because it sits right on the “Röschtigraben“, a term we use here in Switzerland for the cultural boundary between the French and German parts of the country, which makes perfect sense for a conference that intends to bridge those gaps and bring all of the local communities together.

Altogether, the organizing team did a tremendous job and from what I can tell, everything went as smooth as it possibly could. A big round of applause to everyone involved!

For me, it was the first WordCamp Switzerland where I wasn’t involved in organizing at all. The only thing I did sign up for, was as a volunteer to take photographs during the day, which I would’ve done anyway, so it was quite an easy job.

As I was mostly switching between rooms to take pictures, I have only really seen a handful of talks. My favorites this year where:

(I’ll add the links to the videos, as soon as they get posted to WordPress.tv)

Without further ado, here’s a selection of my favorite shots.

Michael Hörnlimann checking people in at the registration desk.
Florian checking the questions for a "Guess how many lines of code it took"-Game our friends from required created.
Empty chairs in the big Aquarium room, waiting to be filled with people.
WordPress people walking down the stairs to attend the first talks.
A few WordPress folks discussing in the hallway track.
Everyones getting seated to attend the opening remarks in the Aquarium room.
Robert Windisch in his signature hat, featuring many WordPress pins.
Michi Hörnlimann fixing one of the mobile microphones in the Aula room.
Léa McAleese during her talk "Nurturing your customers"
Florian gets ready to take a photo in front of me. His sweater features a stylized imprint "Education is a human right"
Christoph von Siebenthal professionally taking a photograph while still holding onto an apple in one hand, that he was eating at same time.
Florian taking a picture from the audio-booth on top of the Aula room.
WordCamp Switzerland volunteers Roslyn Lavery, Silvan Hagen and Patricia Brun Torre having fun at the registration desk
Benjamin Genevay sitting in the audio-booth of the Aula room, making sure we get the perfect sound.
Attendees sitting in the Aula hall, listening to a talk.
Florian taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
Panel discussion "WordPress in 2025" with Noel Tock, Matt Cromwell, Karin Christen, Simea Merki and Roslyn Lavery.

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