Set up phpmyadmin with Valet+

I recently needed phpmyadmin on my local machine to quickly look into a database, which doesn’t come preinstalled with my Valet+ installation. Here’s how to install it manually:

Install phpmyadmin using Homebrew:

brew install phpmyadmin

Now we need to register the phpMyAdmin path with our Valet+ installation. To do this we first navigate to the directory where Homebrew installed it. In my case, this is:

cd /opt/homebrew/share/phpmyadmin/

And now, we can link this directory to Valet+ which will make it run under phpmyadmin.localhost:

valet link

Et voilà, phpmyadmin should now be available from phpmyadmin.localhost

PS: Default user & password is “root” & “root“.

Made with ❤️ in Switzerland