Reading List #80


Apart from some small-ish client tasks, I was working mostly on our new Website for picu, which I think is coming together pretty nicely!

With only one week left until I leave Switzerland for our first stop – Milano – it was also time to plan ahead for our stay at the WordCamp Europe in Torino shortly after. Looking forward to meet everyone again.

Frontend Development

🔥 Look Mum, No Breakpoints!

Robert McCormick shows how today we can build responsive websites without any breakpoints at all, using modern CSS techniques like fluid type & spacing and grid/flexbox for completely flexible layouts.

Robert McCormick – Look Mum, No Breakpoints!

📦 The Component Gallery

A huge collection of UI components from various real life design systems. Very good place to get some inspiration, although I would love to see a gallery like this, but coming more from the UX/design side rather than the more technical implementation-side those design systems usually feature.

the component gallery


🔥 One year on the plugin review team

Francisco Torres shared his experience of his first year since joining the plugin review team. With over 600 plugins approved, 6.5k+ emails sent and 900 hours dedicated to this work, he’s done a lot, to say the least. But read his post to get the full picture, it’s pretty impressive!

Francisco Torres – One year on the plugin review team

🛑 About WordPress breaking CSS

Last week I shared a post by David Bushell about Modern Theme Development. In this one, he’s pointing out how WordPress updates introduced breaking CSS changes. This is definitely something I’ve seen happening and had to track down in the past as well.

Dacvid Bushell – WordPress 6.3; Breaking Decades of CSS!

🔌 Plugin: Captain Hooks

Last week, I wrote about this project by Tiffany B. Brown, which lets you search and browse the hooks of WordPress core. “Captain Hooks” is an interesting plugin that lets you display and search for the hooks of all the installed plugins on your site. Plugin – Captain Hooks


❤️ Humane Web Manifesto

Michelle Barker shared her Manifesto for a Humane Web which I wholeheartedly agree with. There are certainly things to be said about privilege or little things that could be phrased differently or added, but I think it is beautifully written and a good way to start this conversation.

Manifesto for a Humane Web

☀️ And now go on and have the most wonderful of weekends!

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