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It’s only two weeks until we head down south to Italy for a combination of family-vacation, remote working from various places and attending WordCamp Europe in Torino in the middle of it all. Really looking forward to be traveling again and also some relaxing after what has been quite an eventful year so far.

This week the beyond tellerrand conference took place in DΓΌsseldorf, which I didn’t attend myself, but Florian did and shared his documentation, as usual with some gorgeous photos.

Frontend Development

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ”§ Craft vs Industry

This is a really great post about the different needs of the industry vs a craft and what makes the difference between factory workers an craftspeople.

Thomas Michael Semmler – Craft vs Industry: Separating Concerns

🧐 Misconceptions about CSS Specificity

Bramus Van Damme lists three common misconceptions about CSS Specificity. – Misconceptions about CSS Specificity

πŸͺ„ Five Basic Things About JavaScript

Chris Coyier on how to select, modify and listen to things on a website to make it interactive, using JavaScript. It’s fairly basic stuff, but a perfect introduction for anyone unfamiliar with JS.

FrontendMasters – Five Basic Things About JavaScript That Will Help Non JavaScript-Focused Web Designers


😳 Modern WordPress – Yikes!

David Bushell wrote this rant about modern WordPress Theme Development and especially about its CSS strategy, or the lack thereof. I’m actually starting to enjoy working with block themes myself more and more, even though I experienced some of the hacky stuff he mentions firsthand. His review is pretty negative, but it’s also not totally without merit and still somewhat constructive so I think it’s overall a good thing to share your frustration like this.

David Mushell – Modern WordPress – Yikes!

πŸ”₯ Search & Browse WordPress Hooks

Tiffany B. Brown built this page to easily search & browse WordPress Hooks. Love this!

WordPress Hooks


πŸ‘©β€πŸš’ Oh Shit, Git!?!

Ever had the problem that you messed something up in a git repository, but didn’t know how to revert it? I only just now learned about git reflog from this blogpost, and it sound like a true lifesaver. The site below explains it some more.

Oh Shit, Git!?!

πŸ“š You are what you read, …

… even if you don’t remember it. Jim Nielsen with a short post about how what you read shapes you, even if you don’t remember everything, or anything even, in particular.

Jim Nielsen – You Are What You Read, Even If You Don’t Always Remember It

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