Reading List #78


What a short week this was. Two half days off at home with the kids on Tuesday & Wednesday, then half a day away from office for a project-I-can’t-speak-about™. And yesterday was off again because christianity, and we used the off-day to visit my grandma with the family, which was beautiful!

Apart from that, we finally made a lot of progress on the new website we’re working on for picu and worked on some issues we still have to iron out before the next version can be released.

All in all a short but still successful week, I’d say.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Frontend Development

✌️ Modern CSS ( Spring 2024 Edition)

Good overview of “Modern CSS” by Chris Coyier. I learned a few new tricks (like margin-trim) – as you always do, when Chris writes anything.

FrontendMasters – What You Need to Know about Modern CSS (Spring 2024 Edition)

🪓 How to break words

If you added words to HTML pages, and especially to non-english ones, you probably had to deal with long words that need to be broken up into pieces. Adrian Roselli demonstrates a few techniques you can use to achieve this and explains why they are used.

Adrian Roselli – Techniques to Break Words

⛔️ iOS404 – Missing Web Features in iOS

Safari on iOS – and therefore any browser on iOS – is missing many modern web features and this site is here to list them all.

Side Note: It took me a moment to get why they used a milk carton for the “Missing” visualization, because this just isn’t a thing around here.



👍 Dev Considerations for a New FSE Project

Brian Coords wrote down his thoughts on what to expect when starting out with a new Block Theme project for a client. He’s touching on a lot of the same things we struggled with when building sites for clients with this new approach. Sharing those thoughts openly (and politely) for everyone to read – especially those working on core – is definitely the right way to go about this and helps a lot. Thanks Brian!

Brian Coords – Dev Considerations for a New FSE Project

📝 WordPress 6.5 Source of Truth

Anne McCarthy compiled a list of many of the things that made it into the 6.5 release and are noteworthy, as she did for many previous releases. – WordPress 6.5 Source of Truth

👍 Pattern Design Best Practices

Beatriz Fialho from the Automattic Design team shared some Design Best Practices when creating Block Patterns.

Automattic Design Team – Pattern Design Best Practicers for Designers


👩 Web Without Women

Computer science and technology is often viewed as this male dominant industry, but we wouldn’t have the web we have today without women. This website is a collection of many of the innovations by women in this field.

Web without women

❤️ Periodical 17 – About the value of Heirlooms & moral progress

Christopher Butler shares some personal thoughts in his periodicals and I love both stories in this one. The first is about heirlooms and the second about your own moral progress, but actually they are both about your values. I once read a quote that goes something like “You’re poor, if all that you value can be stored in a bank account.” (possibly terribly misquoting here) and those two stories reminded me of this.

Pertiodical 17 – Useful Lifetimes

Have a great weekend, everyone! ☀️

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