Reading List #76

Hi there 👋

The last few weeks were quite demanding. Moving places is definitely not getting easier with a family (who would’ve thought, I know, I know). But with the help of some good friends, we made it to the new apartment and are now slowly starting to settle in.

Now that everything is roughly where it belongs, I’m very much looking forward to finally getting back into work, where I was way too absent the last few weeks. A big thank you to Florian, who handled most everything at Haptiq during this time.

Frontend Development

🔨 Web dev craftsmanship

Chris Ferdinandi with another great take on what’s bothering him with “modern web dev”. I especially liked this analogy:

I prefer a web of hand-laid bricks placed by skilled masons. The industry wants poured, stamped concrete. I want a web of bespoke suits. The industry wants mass-produced fast-fashion.

Chris Ferdinandi – Go Make Thinks

Couldn’t have said it better!

Go Make Things – Web dev craftsmanship

🪄 Design Spells

Not necessarily “Frontend Development” per se, but didn’t know where else to fit this in. It’s a nice collection of playful UI elements that “feel like magic”. Bookmarked for inspiration.

Design Spells – Design details that feel like magic.

🦊 Why Šime uses Firefox

Šime Vidas shared why he’s uses Firefox as his standard browser. I’m using Safari at the moment, but was using Firefox for a long time before that and I think I’m on the brink of switching back again. Some good reasons can be found in this post.

Šime Vidas – Why I use Firefox

🗒️ .htaccess Cheat Sheet

A handy resource for next time you need to change something in your .htaccess file.

.htaccess Cheat Sheet


📝 README file optimizations

Matt Cromwell wrote about everything you should do to optimize the readme file of your WordPress plugin. Definitely something worth checking out. Also, thanks Matt for using our Plugin picu as an example.

Matt Cromwell – How I Optimize Plugin README’s for Better Search Results

📈 On the current state and future of WordPress

Noel Tock posted “the most important chart in WordPress” with the current state of WordPress and the direction he sees us heading towards. Even though I am always a bit cautious when it comes to predictions from stats like these, I do agree with a lot of what he says, especially that it is a good time to be bold and ambitious again.

Noel Tock – the “most important chart in WordPress today” (twitter)


❤️ Pub Choirs!

From the ever so awesome Dense Discovery newsletter, I just learned about the concept of Pub Choirs. What a beautiful idea!

1’800 people singing Creep by Radiohead

✌️ Have a great weekend!

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