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As we are getting closer to our moving date and more and more of our life is getting tucked away into boxes, I have a pretty hard time focusing on anything more than the bare minimum in terms of work. Very much looking forward to when we have settled in and when I will hopefully be able to concentrate on something again.

Frontend Development

🚫 404s

Some inspiration for the next time you design a 404 – Not found page.

πŸ‘οΈ Dead Simple Sites

Another inspiration site, this time featuring (the title says it all): “Dead Simple Sites”.

Dead Simple Sites


πŸ”Œ Plugin Dependencies in WP 6.5

This is great news. With WordPress 6.5 you can define plugin dependencies right from your plugin header. We already added this to the next release of picu Pro, which was very easy to implement and worked like a charm. The only thing missing now is the possibility to set a “minimum version” as well, but that’s on the roadmap and will follow sooner or later. – Introducing Plugin Dependencies in WordPress 6.5

πŸ“¦ Register Block Variations with PHP

Another very welcome addition that is coming in WordPress 6.5 is that we can register block variations with PHP instead of the existing JS based Variations API.

WordPress Developer Blog – How to register block variations with PHP

πŸŽ™οΈ Site editor Hallway Hangout

I’ve got some great feedback on my post about Git and Block Themes, and some have mentioned that there will be a Hallway Hangout about exactly that topic next week. I unfortunately cannot make it next Wednesday but will make sure to watch the recording afterwards. – Hallway Hangout: Using Site editor in production for client sites

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» On using WP-CLI on a hacked site

Remkus De Vries wrote a post about all the things you should consider when using WP-CLI commands on a site that you know has been hacked.

Remkus De Vries – How To Use WP CLI When Your Site is Hacked

πŸš€ What’s new in Gutenberg 17.8?

A few cool things coming to the block editor in the near future. The first demos of the support for CSS Grid look fantastic already and I’m looking forward to play around with them. – What’s new in Gutenberg 17.8? (28 February)


πŸ‘‚ How To Be A Good Listener

I know I can be a pretty bad listener and that I did *all of the things* Molly Brodak mentioned here, so this post hit home pretty hard.

Tomb Log – How To Be A Good Listener

✌️ Have a happy weekend, friends!

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