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Hey πŸ‘‹

This week we finished not one but two client projects, which are now being filled with content and are set to be released in about two weeks.

Also, we finally found some time to plan out the next steps for picu and to work on its long-overdue website relaunch. Looking forward to get into this more in the next few weeks.

Frontend Development

πŸ‘ Everyone has JavaScript, right?

I’m sure many have seen this before, but it’s worth sharing over and over. I stumbled upon it again when reading this tweet by Jake Archibald, which pretty much summed it up perfectly. The page shows many of the ways JS can go wrong and highlights perfectly why progressive enhancement is so important.

Everyone has JavaScript, right?

πŸ€“ Another set of CSS resets

I enjoy reading the different approaches people are taking in their CSS Resets. Keith also does a great job breaking it down and explaining why he did what he did, which is always nice!

Keith J. Grant – My CSS resets

πŸ“¦ An intro into Web Components

Web Components are a thing I’m still trying to wrap my head around. We are a small team and the codebases I mostly work on are usually not that big, which might be the reason why the usecase for them is not obvious to me. I still find the concept intriguing and this intro helped me to understand them a little bit better and I can see how they can benefit, especially in larger projects.

utilitybend – Getting into web components – an intro


πŸš€ What’s new for developers? (February 2024)

WordPress 6.5 will be released in about a month from now, and is packed with many eagerly awaited features. Block Bindings and pattern overrides alone will open up a whole set of new possibilities that were not possible before, or not without a lot of custom work. But it’s also the first official release of the Interactivity API and tons of smaller improvements. I still have to go through the whole list and have so far only scratched the surface in testing the current Beta, but I’m very much looking forward to this release. – What’s new for developers? (February 2024)

✌️ Fixing “Incompatible Archive” Bug in WP 6.4.3

WordPress 6.4.3 introduced a change which could cause an error when uploading ZIP archives that were created on macOS. You can fix this by creating the ZIP again from the command line, or you can deactivate the ZipArchive extension and use the PclZip one instead, basically reverting the functionality to what it was before, as Jose Mortellaro shared.

Jose Mortellaro – Not possible to upload plugin or theme with WordPress 6.4.3

🀩 Timi Wahalahti shared plugins that make him happy

I like short posts like these. Timi Wahalahti shared a bunch of plugins that make him happy. I might steal this idea and collect some of my favorites in a post, as well.

Timi Wahalahti – WordPress plugins that make me happy


πŸ€– Pixel Art AI

This is fun. An AI generator to generate pixel art from prompts.


OpenAI announced Sora, which is basically what Dall-E was to images, but for video. It’s absolutely crazy how much progress all this generative AI stuff has made in just about a year. Apart from reading the official announcement and watching the demo videos, I recommend you watch this video by Marques Brownlee. This is going to be a huge step, both in extremely exciting but also frightening ways.

OpenAI – Sora
Marques Brownlee – AI Generated Videos Just Changed Forever (YouTube)

✌️ Have a nice weekend!

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