Reading List #69


I had a pretty good week and hope you had, too! I got a lot of stuff done without ever feeling like working very hard. Wouldn’t mind it staying this way.

Frontend Development

๐Ÿ‘ You don’t need JavaScript for that

Kilian Valkhof of Polylane introduces many of the things you can build without ever touching (and maybe thought are impossible to do without) JavaScript. It’s amazing how far the Web and HTML/CSS in particular got in recent years.

HTMLHell Advent Calendar โ€“ You don’t need JavaScript for that

๐Ÿงฐ Mastering DOM Manipulation

A huge collection of things you can do in the DOM with a just little bit of JavaScript.

Phuoc Nguyen โ€“ Mastering DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript


๐Ÿ› Plugin Demos with Playground

Joost wrote a great introduction on how you can build a demo for your plugin with the new(ish) WordPress playground, including a smart way to conditionally load stuff only for the playground demo.

Plugin demos with the WordPress playground

๐Ÿ› Playground Demo for Block Visibility Plugin

And yet another article about the WordPress Playground. Nick Diego shows how he used it to build a plugin demo for his Block Visibility Plugin.

Nick Diego โ€“ Playground is changing the way I work with WordPress

โš™๏ธ Debugging helper functions

Some handy debugging functions for PHP and WordPress in particular. If you ever found yourself writing var_dump() to debug stuff quickly, these should come in handy.

Deluxe Blog Tips โ€“ Debugging functions

โฐ How to create a reading time block

Learn how to build a custom “Reading Time” block from scratch. I really enjoy all those tutorials and also how much (much!) better the official documentation got around the block editor and custom block development. Definitely a good time to get into it, if you haven’t started already.

Gutenberg Hub โ€“ How to create Gutenberg reading time block


Bastian Allgeier wrote a very personal post about his grandfather, who was a Nazi in the Waffen-SS, and why it’s so damn important to stand up to fascism. Now and forever.

Thanks Bastian for writing (and publishing) this!

Bastian Allgeier โ€“ My grandpa was a Nazi

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