Reading List #60


The temperatures in Switzerland dropped sharply from around 35° C to around 10°-15° C, all with accompanying rainstorms. The drop in temperature was welcome, but also felt like being catapulted from summer into fall. I don’t want to complain, though; we had a great summer and our attic apartment is much more habitable this way.

This work week is a pretty short one, as I’m volunteering at Front Conference Zurich this Thursday & Friday as a photo editor again, as I did for the past 7 or 8 years already.

Frontend Development

🪄 A visual guide to CSS Selectors

fffuel created this nice visual guide for the most popular CSS selectors, including pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements. Very helpful for everyone learning CSS, but also a handy reference for experienced developers. – CSS Selectors: A Visual Guide

🎥 Testing your animation refresh rate using CSS

An interesting way of testing and visualizing your refresh rate using only CSS.

Cohost – testing your animation refresh rate with css crimes ???

📐 Creating a responsive grid system with CSS Grid

Chris Ferdinandi shares how he used CSS Grid to build a new grid system for his own sites. Seems pretty intuitive.

Go Make Things – How to create a responsive grid system with CSS Grid

🔥 Building complex apps with vanilla JS, Reef and Preact

Another one from Go Make Things. Chris Ferdinandi uses a todo app as an example (what else?) to demonstrate how to build basic functionality like adding and removing todos. He starts by building it using vanilla JS up to the point where a state-based library like Reef, Preact, Vue or React can make sense.

Building complex apps with vanilla JavaScript (a series)
An intro to state-based UI with JavaScript
(mostly) vanilla JS DOM diffing and data reactivity
A mostly vanilla JS way to use Preact
Easier state management with Preact Signals


🛣️ Roadmap to 6.4

As always, right after a new WordPress release is when the planning for the next version begins. Version 6.4 is set to be released on November 7, 2023 and brings a lot of improvements across the board. From native Lightbox functionality to blocks that can be automatically inserted by plugins (imagine for example a cart block inside a navigation block) or a font library to install fonts from Google Fonts directly, there’s lots to look forward to with this upcoming release.

Roadmap to 6.4


🤖 AI generated content for SEO

Edwin Toonen of Yoast gives an overview of how AI-generated content affects and influences SEO content creation. I like that the article is neither “we are all doomed” nor “this will fix everything”. There are also a few things I never thought about, like dynamic (even realtime) content creation for Local SEO or content that is directly depending on user behavior. This still sounds a bit like science fiction, but is certainly in the realm of possibility now, and presumably not as far out in the future as one could think.

Yoast – Generative AI and SEO: Revolutionizing content creation


💬 TextFX

Google released a new tool, TextFX, which uses their PALM Large language model to play around with words and bits of text. It’s a nice tool for writers, musicians, songwriters or rappers to play around with words and bits of text

Google – TextFX

Have a good rest of the week ✌️

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