Reading List #55


I’ll keep it pretty short as this week was packed with preparing our trip to Athens, Greece from where I’m writing this. We traveled here yesterday with the whole family and had an amazing first day today, visiting parts of the old town, lots of walking, playgrounds, getting showered in rain and settling in.

For the next three days I’ll be working from here and then attend this years WordCamp Europe from Thursday to Saturday. After that we still have the rest of June to travel around and explore Greece with the family and some good friends who are coming over in a few days as well to meet us here. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to this!

Frontend Development

🔥 What’s new in CSS and UI: I/O 2023 Edition

As I mentioned before, I love those articles about all the new features soon to be (or already) available in CSS. It’s a great time to be working on the web. – What’s new in CSS and UI: I/O 2023 Edition

⚓️ Future CSS: Anchor Positioning

A good and in-depth explainer about things that are or will be possible with Anchor Positioning.

Roman Komarov – Future CSS: Anchor Positioning


✌️ Why Developers should blog more

Not really necessarily related to WordPress specifically, but Jon Bossenger wrote a good reminder on why it’s always a good idea to write about and hit publish if you learned something new.

So if you’ve just figured out something new that you were struggling with, blog about it, share it with the rest of your community. You never know who you may help out!

Jon Bossenger

Jon Bossenger – This is why developers should blog more.


✍️ Improve your Pull Requests

Some good ideas on how to properly write your pull requests to be concise and easily understandable. – Writing Tips for Improving Your Pull Requests

😂 Terrible Terms and Conditions

Some hilariously terrible ideas for your next terms & conditions page.

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