Reading List #47


This week we finally got some smaller tasks finished that had to wait for a while, when everything else was urgent. Also, I posted my RSS feeds and another post about localizing date formats in WordPress.

Frontend Development

🎥 Tips for better CSS animations

This is a lengthy post with 10 tips for better CSS transitions and animations and it covers a lot of things you should keep in mind when animating things.

Josh Collinsworth – Ten tips for better CSS transitions and animations

🎭 The Great Gaslighting of the JavaScript Era

Another voice in the whole discussion about todays JavaScript-overladen (aka “Modern”, as some would call it) Frontend Development. I feel the same way about a lot of the things he touches in this post.

Spicy Web – The Great Gaslighting of the JavaScript Era


A nice little tool to generate CSS styles for custom scrollbars.


📼 Highlights of Matt’s Q&A At WordCamp Asia 2023

I haven’t found the time to watch the whole Q&A with Matt at WordCamp Asia (or any other talks) myself, but David Bisset wrote this summary, which gives a good overview.

David Bisset – Highlights of Matt’s Q&A At WordCamp Asia 2023


📊 Google Analytics Alternatives

Algustionesa Yoshi analyzed various alternatives to Google Analytics. We currently use Matomo for our own clients, but sometimes a simpler solution would be enough. On my own site here I use Koko Analytics, which is a free plugin for WordPress which gives me just enough data to know a little bit about visitors and I like it so far as well. Will certainly check out some of the other alternatives on this list.

Algustionesa Yoshi – A Brief Comparison of 10+ Best Google Analytics Alternatives

✈️ Design-by-wire or how AI and Designers will work together

I never heard about “Fly-by-wire” before but Matthew Ström explains how it is used to make commercial flying possible on the scale we have today and make sure pilots are even able to land those massive machines. He compares this to how AI and designers will eventually work together in the future. Not sure if this comparison isn’t a little too far fetched, but I tend to agree with him in the conclusion that AI itself possibly won’t be a danger for designers, but other designers who use AI properly, will.

Matthew Ström – Design-by-wire

🤖 Scribble Diffusion

A fun little app running stable Diffusion under the hood to generate an image from a scribble and a prompt. Funny to play around with.

Scribble Diffusion


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