Reading List #39


This week was pretty packed with work. It felt like every single client we ever had wanted something *today*. Must be a new year or something.

Anyway, I also managed to squeeze some time in between at the evenings to work a little on my own site. And while still far from perfect, I finally flipped the switch and launched my photos section on this very site. Nothing fancy in particular, but a nice little space (that I own) to post my photos to.

Frontend Development

๐Ÿค” What does it look like for the web to lose?

Chris Coyier about the long-going battle between native apps and web-apps, and what it would mean if the web would ultimately loose this battle.

Chris Coyier โ€“ What does it look like for the web to lose?


๐ŸŽ› Styling Buttons in Block Themes using theme.json

In this article, Frรคnk Klein demonstrates how to style buttons (or any element for that matter) in a block theme world by putting styles into theme.json file instead of writing CSS. It definitely still feels somewhat strange at times to write styles this way instead of CSS or SCSS, but I also become more and more accustomed to it each time I use it.

CSS-Tricks โ€“ Styling Buttons in WordPress Block Themes

Other / Random

๐Ÿšข About Shipping Things

Malte Ubl about how you get things shipped. Even though I’m used to work in much smaller teams, many things he says still apply and I especially liked the term Minimum Actually Viable Product.

Industrial Empathy โ€“ How to ship

๐Ÿ•ธ Network effect and the fediverse

I loved this post by Bastian Allgeier about the fediverse and the differences between social media platforms as we know them and the federated space mastodon is a part of. I’m still far from understanding all of the technical stuff, but conceptually I like to think of the fediverse as something that brings social media back to what the internet intended and used to be early on. That’s why comparing mastodon accounts to Email-Addresses works so well for many, I think. It just feels complicated and weird, because those giant companies took this part of the internet hostage for so long, and it really feels like this is about to change.

Bastian Allgeier โ€“ Network effect

๐Ÿ–‹ Writing is magic

Marc Brooker makes some good points about why (long-form) writing is a super-power we should all be aiming and training for. It’s most certainly true that writing will clarify your thoughts much more than anything else.

Marc Brooker โ€“ Writing is magic

๐Ÿ”ฅ Have a nice weekend!

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