Reading List #37

One of the last photos I took while in Bangkok, experimenting with some longer exposures to capture the crazy traffic in this city.


After spending five weeks traveling Thailand with our family, we arrived back home last Friday. The cold and grey weather made it a bit of a slow start for me, also did the Jet Lag, which hit us harder than expected this time. Try explaining why “two in the morning” is not a time to get up and eat breakfast to a two year old.

After a week, I’m feeling mostly back on track and our rhythms start to get back to normal. So let’s dive in.

Frontend Development

About BEM and Modern CSS Selectors

This post is about how you can use modern CSS selectors like :where and :is to make BEM even more awesome. If you use BEM, you should most definitely read this.

CSS-Tricks – Taming the Cascade With BEM and Modern CSS Selectors

It’s almost as if CSS-in-JS was a bad idea right from the beginning

This article made the round some time ago and I finally found some space to read it. Sam Magura, a software engineer at Spot and an active maintainer of a seemingly popular CSS-in-JS library, writes about their decision to shift away from said library and use SCSS modules instead. Reading some of the things those libraries do, makes me question why anyone would think this would be a good idea to begin with. But then again, I can understand (at least some of) the reasons behind those decisions. Anyway, I guess it’s a good reminder that you should use the tools we have for what they were intended for.

Sam Magura – Why We’re Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS


WordPress’ Secret World of JavaScript

Brian Coords writes about his experiences getting started with WordPress’ JavaScript libraries and concepts. It’s something I have on my list and want to dive in a bit deeper, and the course he mentions seems like a reasonable thing to do.

Brian Coords – WordPress’ Secret World of JavaScript

Import a remote database with WP-CLI

Using WP-CLI is a very powerful tool to manage your WordPress sites. In this post, J. Michael Ward explains how to use wp db export to migrate a production site to your local installation. We also use WP-CLI heavily in our own workflows, from setting up and migrating client sites to updating/managing them right up to our regular automated backup scripts.

J. Michael Ward – Using WP-CLI to import a remote database


About Effective Altruism

With all the talk this week about OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which can spit out quite impressive stuff to be honest, I’ve stumbled upon this article by Timnit Gebru about AI ethics, and how a movement called “Effective Altruism” (which is mostly funded by white tech billionaires) is shaping AI research. Interesting read.

Wired – Effective Altruism Is Pushing a Dangerous Brand of ‘AI Safety’

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