Reading List #34


This week I was mainly supposed to get our company’s paperwork ready for our annual accounting. Which meant I did everything but that, right up until Friday afternoon, and then tried to get everything done in 3 hours. Yay procrastination.

Anyway, here’s a few of the things I’ve been reading this week:

Frontend Development

πŸ“œ What’s New With Forms in 2022?

A bunch of new features for HTML forms are landing in the upcoming version of Safari which will make them well-supported across browsers. Ollie Williams collected the new features for CSS-Tricks.

CSS-Tricks – What’s New With Forms in 2022?

✨ More new Stuff in Safari 16.0

There’s more new stuff – things like sub-grid, container queries or overscroll-behaviour, to name a few – coming with Safari 16.0, which was just released.

WebKit Features in Safari 16.0

🀩 CSS only menu using the :has() selector

This one’s pretty cool! Creating a menu that opens and closes (like a mobile / hamburger menu, for example) by using only CSS with the new :has() selector.

1 Thing A Week – Creating a CSS only menu using :has()


πŸ₯³ ACF 6.0 Released

Advanced Custom Fields just released version 6 this week. I haven’t had enough time to play around with it myself, but reading through the release post, it looks like a great example of how to approach a UI-refresh. ACF always did a great job with a UI that feels native to WordPress while still offering some enhancements, without breaking with core UI-concepts. They seem to have found a good balance between refreshing the old UI, without throwing old patterns overboard.

ACF 6.0 Release – A Fresh New UI, Block Improvements, Repeater Pagination and More

πŸ”Œ Plugin: Debug Log Manager

Debug Log Manager lets you activate, filter through and manage your debug log files very easily from the WP Admin. Sounds handy. – Debug Log Manager

πŸ‘‹ Have a nice weekend!

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