Reading List #24


Hope you had a great week! I was working mostly on some block editor customization for a client, and – apart from some things like full site editing that still feel a bit unfinished – I really like the overall direction the editor takes and I start to enjoy working with it more and more.

Here’s a few articles I enjoyed reading this week.

Frontend Development

👍 Remix, React & Progressive Enhancement

Jim Nielsen jots down some notes and thoughts on a podcast episode about Remix, React and why progressive enhancement is so important. Couldn’t agree more:

That resonates with me. Progressive enhancement is the technical approach to fulfilling the web’s ethos of universal accessibility.

Jim Nielsen

Jim Nielsen – Podcast Notes: Michael Jackson on

🐚 Shell Scripting

As someone who just recently became more comfortable with the command line and just started to use some shell scripts of my own, this article by Lara Schenck would have been handy to get started.

Lara Schenck – How to write and run a shell script


🗝 What is “The WordPress Way”?

In this article on Post Status, Dan Knauss looks at the discussion about plugin license renewals and the direction MemberPress has taken with shutting down their admin screens. He sums up a lot of the things that were discussed on twitter and reddit. I like some of the ideas and we will certainly experiment with our own pricing and licensing, and this discussion will certainly be around for a while.

Post Status – The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Elusive WordPress Way

🧐 On WordPress’s “declining” market share

A post by Joost de Valk, in which e compared the market shares of different CMS’s was widely shared and discussed, especially since it was the first time in years that WordPress’s market share seem to have lost about 0.4%, since February 2022. Here’s Alex Denning and James Baldacchino of Ellipsis with a great analysis why market share alone doesn’t give us the full picture and why it’s always a good thing to look at more than one source. Totally agree with them.

ellipsis – A 0.4% drop in WordPress CMS market share doesn’t really matter

Other / Random

👩‍🍳 More half baked, less perfectionism

Half baked, apart from a pretty silly stoner-movie with Dave Chappelle from the nineties, is what Seth Godin uses to describe the ideal state an idea has, when you share it.

He’s referring to the recent Beatles documentary (which I still haven’t seen), but it’s applicable to a lot of other creative endeavors as well and I need this reminder from time to time.

Loved this quote (emphasis mine):

Play a song before it’s ready.

Because in the moment before it’s ready, that’s when it’s ready.

By bringing music that’s half-baked to the table, he takes a risk. It means that George might become critical or mopey. It means that John might not be engaged. It means that the room might not feel it.

But the risk is worth it. Because the half-baked work, shared in a trusting environment, is the fuel for the system that created the works of genius.

Seth Godin – Half-Baked

Seth Godin – Half baked

✌️ That’s it, have a good one!

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