Reading List #20


Kind of stoked I’m writing this little list for the twentieth week already.

It feels pretty good to have this place to share links I’ve read and to “think out loud” about various things, even though I’ve got plenty of ideas to improve the format of it. With easter holidays approaching and my 36th birthday today, this week was very short, but I still felt like we made some important progress on different things. Hope to be able to share some of it very soon.

Frontend Development

✨ Everyone has JavaScript, right?

An overview of all the ways JavaScript can fail, and a reminder that “users who have JS disabled” are just a very small portion of all the users for whom your JavaScript code won’t work.

Everyone has JavaScript, right?

🤩 Beautiful Code Snippets

Yesterday, I found yet another tool to create beautiful code snippets to share on social media, it’s similar to carbon which is the one I’ve used in the past.


🔐 Lock Reusable Blocks (Plugin)

If you work with reusable blocks in the WP block editor, it can easily happen that you edit one without realizing it’s a reusable one that’s used in other places as well. There are tickets open to address this in core, but until then this plugin handles it perfectly.

WP Tavern – Block Accidental Edits of Shared Content With the Lock Reusable Blocks Plugin

💄 Block Styles

These two introduction posts cover the basics you need to know if you plan to use block styles.

Gutenberg Hub – Introduction to the Gutenberg block styles API

Brian Gardner – How to Create an Inner Border Block Style for Images

Other / Random

😳 AI generated art is getting crazy good already

It’s pretty crazy what this AI art generator – DALL-E 2 – by Open AI can do. The description sounds pretty cool, but you should definitely check out the examples in the post below.

Apart from the website itself, you should check out the twitter account of Aditya Ramesh, one of the creators of DALL·E 2, where he shows off lots of other examples.

DALL·E 2 can create original, realistic images and art from a text description. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles.

Open AI – DALL·E 2

Open AI – DALL·E 2

🥚 Ok, that’s a wrap. Happy easter everyone! 🐰

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