Reading List #19


Hope you all had a good week. I haven’t really had time to read that much this week, so the list is quite short this time. Here’s some of the articles I enjoyed reading this week.

Frontend Development

🪄 On building progressively enhanced forms

This is such a great article going into great detail about how to use a basic HTML form to submit data, and then progressively enhance the experience using JavaScript. This way of thinking and making things work for as many people as possible should be the norm and I really don’t understand why so much of the web is built by just throwing frameworks at problems instead of thinking about end users.

Austin Gil – Make Beautifully Resilient Apps With Progressive Enhancement

🚀 How to make Google Fonts fast

A great explainer on how to make Google Fonts load faster, either by preloading, using font-display or even self-hosting the font files. It’s something I want to play around for this very site here as well.

Sia Karamalegos – Making Google Fonts Faster in 2022

🥂 Have a nice weekend!

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