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What a crazy and sad week this was. After 2 years of global pandemic seemingly (hopefully) coming to and end, one country openly invading another one was definitely not on my bingo card for what 2022 brings. It makes me sick and hopeless watching the news these days and I really hope this conflict war can be stopped as fast as it began.

Since yesterday, I was mostly trying to catch up on what happens in the Ukraine, and didn’t read much work related stuff. But as I already prepared a few links at the beginning of the week, I thought I still share those.

Frontend Development

💡 126 Things Baldur Bjarnason learned about Web Development

I loved reading through this list a lot. If you have a few minutes to spare, take a coffee/tea or whatever beverage you prefer, sit in a corner and read through the whole list.

136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling

💡 Another list about the things learned as a Software Engineer

Another great compilation of 20 things learned in 20 years as a Software Engineer. I could use a t-shirt or a poster on my wall with #6: “Sometimes you have to stop sharpening the saw, and just start cutting shit“. It’s basically what Florian says to me, every time I ask him something about yet another wheel I’m trying to reinvent. It needs both sides, the sharpening and the cutting, but sometimes it’s hard to flip the switch back into “cutting shit” mode. Love this.

20 Things I’ve Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer


📦 Should WordPress join The Block Protocol?

The Block protocol is a specification suggested by Joel Spolsky, which aims to standardize the way blocks are built and work together. It’s an interesting concept and gained a lot of attention when it was released, with Matt Mullenweg showing interest in it as well. In this post, Leonardo Losoviz purses what an implementation in WordPress would mean, for WordPress as well as for other projects. It’s definitely an interesting idea worth thinking about.

Smashing Magazine – Implications Of WordPress Joining The Block Protocol

🤖 Using AI for SEO

It’s pretty impressive, what Alex and his team has built with Falcon AI. We were working with him very early on when we started to market picu a few years ago, and his strategic advice helped us to get started. Interesting to see how they approach their keyword research today using those AI-assisted tools.

Falcon AI 20’000 keywords

Other / Random

✍️ The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

A pretty long essay about why everyone should start to write. While I expected a bit more from an “ultimate” guide on writing, David Perell still makes a lot of good points. Without wanting to spoil anything, the main gist of it is “just start writing and keep doing it constantly” and I guess I can get behind that. No matter whether you write words for other people or code. The best way is to get your head down and start to work on something.

David Perell – The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

🤩 AI Music Video

An amazing experimental music video, where the video was created using some “Deep Dream” AI algorithm from the lyrics of the song.

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