A bunch of RSS feeds (OPML)

A friend of mine recently asked me if I could send him a list of my RSS feeds. He, like me and many others right now, is looking to get back to reading blogs directly and not relying too much on social media.

Instead of just sending him my exported OPML file, I thought why not posting it on here publicly as well, for everyone interested. All in all it’s not very well curated but a random mix of feeds mostly about Webdesign, WordPress, a few about Design, Arts and Photography as well as some personal blogs. Apart from some personal/work feeds that I removed, this is pretty much what I read every morning.

While exporting them, I also took the opportunity to go through many of them and weed out some dead ends. But I also found some that just changed address which I never caught – a good reminder that you should redirect your RSS feeds, when moving URLs.

Download my RSS feeds (OPML)

Thanks Silvan for the motivation to clean up my feedreader! ✌️

PS: This post was also inspired by others who posted their feeds, like Chris Coyier did.

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